Monday, January 24, 2011

A Very Late Christmas Post Part 1

I made Tim some Very manly pj's for Christmas :o)

Notice how the plaid on the pocket lines up (almost) perfectly!

While I was madly trying to finish this and all my other presents a few days before Christmas the boys were doing mostly this...

And their room (and really the whole house) was looking like this :o)

But it was worth it to get a smile like this!

And so you get a better idea of the total look.

I made pillow cases for most people but forgot to get pictures before they were all wrapped. Oops.
I think Lyonya was happy with his!

I also made a few tissue pouches. The one on the left was for my mother-in-law and on the right for Tim's Grandma, who lives right outside of Chicago and just turned 96 years old!!! She is so fun and loves birds :o)

And for the ALWAYS traveling sister-in-law, a luggage tag.

It was a very different Christmas, but a nice one! We did our Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve, and then got right into the car to drive to Ohio to be with Tim's family Christmas morning. It's 10 hours from SC and ended up taking 13 hours.
We wanted to drive all night while the boys were sleeping to hopefully make the trip easier, and that part was easier. The hard part was staying awake after us not having much sleep the week before. We didn't have to stop every  hour for potty breaks and snacks for the boys, but we did stop every hour or so because we were trying not to fall asleep, and ended up getting stuck going 35 mph for 2-3 hours in West Virgina at 3am behind a snow plow. Anyway, back to Christmas Eve.
We had lots of fun watching everyone open the presents we gave them and giving lots of hugs.
It was the second Christmas with my new siblings (you can see more about what has happened the last year with them HERE).

This was Caleb's first Christmas and he really enjoyed opening his presents!
Look at that serious look :o)

He got a cute hat from Aunt Becky that stayed on about 3 seconds.

Tim needed a bottle opener for his Blenheim ginger ale (a favorite of the guys - it's way to HOT for me!)

Good thing a knife is never more than 3 seconds away in my family. It's funny to see who can make the draw the fastest :o).  Matthew happened to be sitting beside him, so it might have been only 2 seconds, not 3 :o).

We have some better pictures I think, but on a different camera, so maybe I can get my hands on them soon.

Part 2 of our Christmas in Ohio coming soon!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Wow, is it really here already? It happens faster every year I think. We just got back from a very good but VERY long trip from here to Ohio then Chicago and back home to South Carolina all in less than 1 week. Maybe this next week I can finally start showing  off all my hard work that had to be top-secret until Christmas! :o) (I promise it's coming Aunt Sheryl)