Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Were All In Need!

I thought I'd start with the cutest picture :o)

I love the tiny wedgie!!

We were needing to update our undie piles big time. When there are more with holes than without, you know the time has come. So Caleb got some red polka dot undies with a triple layer for that pee I missed while he was standing in the bathroom by himself waiting for me to come help :o).  Maybe he will start talking soon and TELL me when he's on his way to the bathroom :o).

That's pen all over Caleb :o).
I guess I let him hold about anything while I'm trying to take a picture!

These were one of mine with more to come. I was in need more then anyone!! I was too ashamed to show the pair I cut up to use as my pattern for these. They were REALLY bad!! But now I will get about 10 pairs from the supplies I have waiting on me for less than $1 each :o).

I don't think they look too homemade. 

I was so excited a few weeks ago when I got my Ottobre magazine in the mail and I could make these for the boys' tiny hinies :o).

The pattern was really easy to follow. So far I haven't made anything that I didn't like from this magazine.

Don't you want to pinch his little butt!!!

Samuel was modeling the gray pair, but we ended up switching and giving those to Josiah, and Samuel got 2 pairs of these that I made in the next size up.
I also added top-stitching to this pair and like the look of it a bit better.

And back.

Samuel was telling me that they were so comfy he could move all around in them :o).

I haven't made any for Tim (yet), but he already said if I do they will not be modeled :o).
**Editor's Note-- That's to spare you all kinds of unnecessary suffering! :o)**