Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's A Girl!!!

Elisabeth Lee Cook
Born Feb. 22 1:54 pm
6lbs 9oz. 20 1/2 inches

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colorful Jammies

I spent some time dyeing a few weeks ago. I had a huge stack of light gray tees that had been sitting in a corner for about 3 months waiting for me to find some extra time. Well, I wouldn't say I found extra time, but I did finally take some time to turn my pile of "blah" things into fun colors :o) I forgot to take a picture of the orange pot :o( 
Day 1 I had lots of this in my kitchen.

Day 2 everything got turned into these.
I left everything in the dye for hours on the stove, because the tees were only 60% cotton so I knew they would have a harder time taking the color. I was happy with the outcome, even if they were a little lighter than I'd hoped for.

The boys were very happy to have some new jammies with no holes in the knees :o)
Blue was the obvious choice for Josiah. He likes everything blue!

Just how Samuel likes everything red :o)

 That means Caleb usually gets green things, because he doesn't really care.

I didn't realize how round this boy still was untill I saw these pictures :o)

He's a pretty cute round fella!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Must be crazy!

1 Car seat, 1 bouncy seat, 1 bassinet and 1 boppy all recovered and ready for a new baby :o)
The crazy part was that I waited till 2 weeks before expected baby was to arrive before I finally got my fabric and started sewing. Last minute usually works for me though :o) I'm sure it would always be better if I did start things sooner, but it's that "no-time-to-stop-has-to-get-done" feeling that pushes me to finish even when I don't really feel like it. It worked out and only took me 1 week to complete everything just how I wanted it to be. So I've had this past week to clean a bit and organize my house before baby comes. So I guess I'm ready now and expecting to see this new little one in the next few days.
We are all ready, but mostly me!!!!!

I knew I wanted to use piping in everything to add a very "done," professional look, even though it would quadruple my time involved.

The car seat was by far the most involved, with the thick layers that I could barely get to go through my sewing machine. It was big and awkward and frustrating, but very worth it! I did everything exactly how I wanted and had pictured in my mind.


My Dad made this beautiful stand for our basket! It will be painted white sometime after the baby comes :o)

I love this fabric! It's very Dick and Jane, I think.

It was so nice to go and pick out exactly what I wanted this time! I've never had anything that matched or that I picked that I really wanted, so for the 4th time around it was quite a treat to make a matching set! (funded by my my Mom - Thank You!)
For all the supplies (8 yards of fabric new straps for the car seat and thread) I spent about half of what a new car seat would have cost :o) 
I did save a good bit by making instead of buying the 24 yards of piping and bias tape it took to go around everything! Not my favorite thing to do, but still worth the time spent! 

Come on baby!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Christmas Present to Me

This year I got some jammies :o) They're actually part of some Birthday present money I got back in July, but I was newly pregnant and very yucky-feeling then, so I didn't get around to spending it until sometime in November, and then didn't get around to sewing them until the week of Christmas :o) 

I used a non-maternity size, because I wanted to have them for an all-the-time thing - even if it means that for right now I have to leave a button or two undone :o)

They're pretty simple, but I think pj's are nice that way.

Little details are better than big patterns or really bright colors, so everything got piping all around!

I love what piping does for the look of a garment, even if it takes double the sewing time.

And a label :o)

With the other part of my Birthday money I made a robe, but that needs to be washed and ironed before showing it to anyone :o)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just The Two Of Us (almost :o) )

A few weeks ago we took a few family pictures right after church (before anyone had a chance to get their clothes dirty :o) ) Things went well for the first few minutes, and all of a sudden Josiah decided he no longer wanted his picture taken. So even though this looks like it's just the two of us here having a great day, what you don't see is the craziness of two little boys running around us while one little boy is sitting in a chair waiting for a better attitude to come along so we can finish :o)

It's just life I guess. We didn't get any amazing shots but we did get a few good ones, so I still call it a success!

Here's the picture not cropped with the attitude adjustment going on behind us :o)

I guess it's bad of me to think this is so funny, but as a parent if you can't find a little humor in even these kinds of moments you'll go crazy!
I'm not sure if it was that the step was dirty or cold or both, but he didn't want to sit on it.

Still not quite there yet.

Getting better. Samuel was doing his best to make him laugh.

 Then Samuel thought he could sneak up behind him to give some tickles.

And it worked :o)

Samuel and Caleb were very cooperative at least!

Caleb turned 2 two days before, so he wore his new birthday outfit to church. I'll post more pics of that soon.