Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just The Two Of Us (almost :o) )

A few weeks ago we took a few family pictures right after church (before anyone had a chance to get their clothes dirty :o) ) Things went well for the first few minutes, and all of a sudden Josiah decided he no longer wanted his picture taken. So even though this looks like it's just the two of us here having a great day, what you don't see is the craziness of two little boys running around us while one little boy is sitting in a chair waiting for a better attitude to come along so we can finish :o)

It's just life I guess. We didn't get any amazing shots but we did get a few good ones, so I still call it a success!

Here's the picture not cropped with the attitude adjustment going on behind us :o)

I guess it's bad of me to think this is so funny, but as a parent if you can't find a little humor in even these kinds of moments you'll go crazy!
I'm not sure if it was that the step was dirty or cold or both, but he didn't want to sit on it.

Still not quite there yet.

Getting better. Samuel was doing his best to make him laugh.

 Then Samuel thought he could sneak up behind him to give some tickles.

And it worked :o)

Samuel and Caleb were very cooperative at least!

Caleb turned 2 two days before, so he wore his new birthday outfit to church. I'll post more pics of that soon.

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