Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Must be crazy!

1 Car seat, 1 bouncy seat, 1 bassinet and 1 boppy all recovered and ready for a new baby :o)
The crazy part was that I waited till 2 weeks before expected baby was to arrive before I finally got my fabric and started sewing. Last minute usually works for me though :o) I'm sure it would always be better if I did start things sooner, but it's that "no-time-to-stop-has-to-get-done" feeling that pushes me to finish even when I don't really feel like it. It worked out and only took me 1 week to complete everything just how I wanted it to be. So I've had this past week to clean a bit and organize my house before baby comes. So I guess I'm ready now and expecting to see this new little one in the next few days.
We are all ready, but mostly me!!!!!

I knew I wanted to use piping in everything to add a very "done," professional look, even though it would quadruple my time involved.

The car seat was by far the most involved, with the thick layers that I could barely get to go through my sewing machine. It was big and awkward and frustrating, but very worth it! I did everything exactly how I wanted and had pictured in my mind.


My Dad made this beautiful stand for our basket! It will be painted white sometime after the baby comes :o)

I love this fabric! It's very Dick and Jane, I think.

It was so nice to go and pick out exactly what I wanted this time! I've never had anything that matched or that I picked that I really wanted, so for the 4th time around it was quite a treat to make a matching set! (funded by my my Mom - Thank You!)
For all the supplies (8 yards of fabric new straps for the car seat and thread) I spent about half of what a new car seat would have cost :o) 
I did save a good bit by making instead of buying the 24 yards of piping and bias tape it took to go around everything! Not my favorite thing to do, but still worth the time spent! 

Come on baby!!

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