Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colorful Jammies

I spent some time dyeing a few weeks ago. I had a huge stack of light gray tees that had been sitting in a corner for about 3 months waiting for me to find some extra time. Well, I wouldn't say I found extra time, but I did finally take some time to turn my pile of "blah" things into fun colors :o) I forgot to take a picture of the orange pot :o( 
Day 1 I had lots of this in my kitchen.

Day 2 everything got turned into these.
I left everything in the dye for hours on the stove, because the tees were only 60% cotton so I knew they would have a harder time taking the color. I was happy with the outcome, even if they were a little lighter than I'd hoped for.

The boys were very happy to have some new jammies with no holes in the knees :o)
Blue was the obvious choice for Josiah. He likes everything blue!

Just how Samuel likes everything red :o)

 That means Caleb usually gets green things, because he doesn't really care.

I didn't realize how round this boy still was untill I saw these pictures :o)

He's a pretty cute round fella!!!!

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