Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Christmas Present to Me

This year I got some jammies :o) They're actually part of some Birthday present money I got back in July, but I was newly pregnant and very yucky-feeling then, so I didn't get around to spending it until sometime in November, and then didn't get around to sewing them until the week of Christmas :o) 

I used a non-maternity size, because I wanted to have them for an all-the-time thing - even if it means that for right now I have to leave a button or two undone :o)

They're pretty simple, but I think pj's are nice that way.

Little details are better than big patterns or really bright colors, so everything got piping all around!

I love what piping does for the look of a garment, even if it takes double the sewing time.

And a label :o)

With the other part of my Birthday money I made a robe, but that needs to be washed and ironed before showing it to anyone :o)



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