Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Bug Party In The Making

Josiah's turning 2!!!!!!!
2 years go by so fast. He's such a big boy now. And he LOVES bugs! So we're having a bug party. I've had so many ideas bouncing around in my head as to what I will actually do for his party. I'm still not quite sure, but it's coming together. And, just like Samuel's party, I still have a few more days :o)
So far the only thing I have ready is this bean bag game that I'm hoping will help him not have to go sit in his bed so much for throwing things that he shouldn't. My thought is that if there is something that is ok to throw he will do that instead of throwing toys and hitting his brothers with them :o) I guess time will tell if this theory is true. I made 10 bags, so that was enough for his name and 4 more with the #2.

 I want to take a pillow we already have and turn it into a bug pillow, because he doesn't have a pillow right now. I haven't really thought about it before because Samuel has never wanted to use a pillow, so we just didn't give Josiah one either. But I think if it's a bed bug pillow he would be more than happy to use it. I've tried to think of things that can go along with toys we already have, to go along with what's there, and not have a bunch of new stuff to take up all the room that we don't have. Like this car carrier that I love, and will make, even if not for his birthday. Also, I want to make some kind of ABC book or magnet game - maybe with some kind of container like this one. I'm not sure what supplies I have on hand to work with yet.
I'll find that out at nap time :o) I have a bug cake idea coming together in my head that HAS to get down on paper today so I'll be ready to bake tomorrow. I'll have more to update soon. I hope to have a bug cake that looks as good as Samuel's dragon cake did ;o)

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