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I've been telling everyone that I would get some babywearing pictures and instructions up. These are really old pictures but it's all I have for now. I want to make a very detailed post with a few different types of carriers, but it's not easy to take that many pictures of yourself by yourself. So for now these few will do, and will hopefully be enough to get some people started.

Here I'm using a wrap that I made. It's 4 1/2 yards long. Most wraps are 4-6 yards, depending on your size, and 20-25" wide. 4 is good for me, but I make mine 4 1/2 to 5 so Tim and I can both use them. These pictures were taken 3 years ago with my nephew Marc Anthony, who was 5 days old at the time. Some people have told me that they are intimidated with the wrap, because of the amount of fabric and its complicated look. Once you practice just a little it is really easy! I promise. I love my wrap, and it goes everywhere I go. All my boys got very big very fast, and the wrap gives the most support, in my opinion, out of all carriers. It's spreads their weight evenly over your whole body, giving you the most comfort and enabling you to wear them for long periods of time without getting tired. I can wear my babies from 5lbs to 40lbs comfortably using a wrap. It is not possible for me to carry them for long without it. This wrap is called a front wrap cross. I use this one most of the time when wearing them in the front. If you were only going to learn one carry, I would say this one has been my most used as far as front carries.
To start, find the middle of your wrap and put it around your waist to make a pocket for the baby.

Cross in back and bring it up over your shoulders. Keep in mind that the more the fabric is spread out the more support you will get, and the more comfortable it will be.

Put baby in burp position and slide them down into the center of the pocket. By pulling on the right side of the wrap that is hanging over your shoulder, tighten the left side of the pocket. Then pull on the left side of the wrap to tighten the right side of the pocket. The fabric should start at the baby's neck and go all the way to the baby's knees. Make sure that the baby is snug, but not too tight. Next, take one side of your wrap and cross it through the baby's legs. Then do the same with the other side to make an "x" for them to sit in and make it impossible for them to fall through. In these pictures I just have it wrapped around my little nephew, not through his legs, because I had a bulkier fabric and he was sooo tiny. But I always go through their legs for safety.

Tie or just tuck the ends under if there's not enough to tie. The weight of the baby sitting in the cross and against you will hold them securely - the tying is just to keep the ends out of your way, so don't worry if there's not much left. 

Here, I've pulled the top of the wrap at my neck down toward my arms just for comfort. If it's too far down on your arms, just flip it up onto your shoulders. It can be adjusted however feels best to you.
Now you're done and ready for anything! A walk, dishes, laundry, playing with your other children, or whatever you need to do that day. I wear my babies ALL the time! That's where they seem to be the most happy, and I don't mind all that snuggling either. 

I'll try to get some more pictures and instructions on here soon, but until then check out for videos.

It's so hard for me to give so little information about the benefits of babywearing and types of carriers! But I'm just trying to get this out there and will go into much more detail in another post when I have more time. 

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