Friday, March 5, 2010

New Pillows

These pillows were a long time coming! Right before Samuel was born, my mom and Aunt Sheryl recovered my couch for me while I was on bed rest. The plan was to make pillows as soon as he was born with all the left-over fabric. Well, now 4 years later I'm finally getting around to it :o)
My mom gave me two old pillows that were ok, but nothing special. I liked the size, so I cut some fabric a little bigger than they were.

Sewed around the edge, leaving a space open for stuffing. Then trimmed the sides and corners.

Turning right side out, I pinned about two inches in from the sides as a guide for sewing, still leaving an opening for the stuffing to go in.

Then I sewed another seam very close to the edge, just for looks.

Then stuffed my pillow.

Next I pinned the opening on the inner seam.

And then the outer.

Sewed those closed, and wow I have two new pillows! Now why did that take me so long?

Two down and a few more to come. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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