Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Folding And Stuffing Diapers

I like to start with a flat diaper.

Fold in half.

Then make what I call a poop pocket.

Fold the top down until it fits right.

This is the smallest size, but the fold is always the same - just not turned under as much, as your baby grows. Turning under is always helpful for boys, because that's where the pee generally tries to sneak out :o) There are different folds for girls that put the most fabric in the middle of the diaper, but I don't have girls yet, so this is how I do it.

As your baby grows, so does the amount of pee. The solution is a double diaper. I like to use a flat with a pre-fold in the middle. You could use a pre-fold with a flat in the middle instead, but this has been the simplest and fastest for me.

Fold in thirds.

And place in the center of your already-folded flat diaper.

Fold the same way, and pin or fasten to your preference.

I get asked about the extra bulk of cloth diapers. They are about as big as disposables once they are peed in. I fold mine to be about 1 inch thick. The type of cover you use will add a little more, but over all it's not that much.

This is a one-size-fits-all that I made.

Folded the smallest way, it fits a tiny newborn.

So tiny and cute!!!

Here it is folded a little bigger.

And for even bigger babies and toddlers, I start to stuff the diapers with flat and pre-folds for maximum absorbency.

Here's my big pre-fold in thirds and stuffed inside.

Works great for overnight.

And still not too bulky. Just pull the pre-fold out before washing. This makes for a clean and fast-drying diaper.

All folded and stacked in a bag I made just for diapers that hangs on the side of our bassinet for easy changing at night time (even though I haven't used the bassinet yet because I'm too lazy and it's too cold to get out of bed at night :o) ). I have a moses basket sitting on a rocking chair right beside our bed, so I never have to get up, and the rocker is nice for getting him back to sleep. Maybe when it's warmer or Caleb gets too big for the basket, I'll put him in his bassinet that really is so cute!

All diapers folded and ready for a few more days.

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