Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting Ready For Samuel's Birthday

 Samuel's turning 4!!! I can't believe it's here so soon. Once again, I had all these plans to do so many things, and here I am only 3 days left and I haven't even started. But 3 days is plenty of time.. right? All I need to do is make a dragon costume that I have no materials for yet, bake a 3D dragon cake that I have no ideas for yet, and make the little dragon (Samuel) some presents that I haven't thought of yet. That should be completely do-able. I'm sure it will all come together right on time. I may not sleep between now and then, but what's sleep anyway? Oh, and I almost forgot I have a budget of $0 :o)  It's good that my favorite thing is to either make something from nothing, or make something old become new again. I can't wait until everyone is asleep tonight (my best work is always done in the wee hours), so I can get started! I'm sure I'll have some pictures soon, so stay tuned :o)

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