Sunday, October 31, 2010

Branching Out With Knits

I haven't worked much with knits until the last month or so (mostly because I had heard it was hard), but after seeing so much of what other people are doing lately, like at MADE and No Big Dill (two of my favorite blogs!) and many others, I got myself a ball point needle and just started. It really isn't hard at all, and knowing how to adjust your machine a little (like change the pressure on your presser foot) makes a big difference with really stretchy knits!
I LOVE the big butt baby pants that RAE makes so I thought I would try to make a version of my own.

That went so well I tried a shirt.
Got the general size from a shirt that fit well and made up the rest :o)

And another :o)
The car one came straight out of a cold dryer so it was a bit wrinkled for the picture.
Previously known as a friend's tank top and short-sleeve shirt. I love getting bags of goodies from other people!

After the shirts, I realized Caleb didn't have any jeans. So a quick dig through my old jeans stash and about 20 minutes later we have a whole new outfit. I've noticed the boys have a lot of separates and few complete outfits, so I need to start making things to bring together what they have - not just add to the volume of their drawers. 
I tried forever to get a cute picture of Caleb, but decided he was way to fast for me!

See :o)

And off he goes.

I made this shirt for my nephew's 6th Birthday. 

Obviously it was a pirate party they were having :o)
I wanted to do something pirate without being covered in skulls and crossbones. It's sometimes hard to find nicer-looking pirate stuff!
I used an old shirt of Samuel's as a pattern, and the back half of a black XL t-shirt and a few other scraps I had saved for the applique. 
I looked online for ideas, but ended up just making up my own thing.

I was able to use the band from the old collar as the new collar. I just folded it under like bias tape so it is about half as big as it was but that's perfect going on a smaller shirt. I think it looks pretty good!! Like my 3sillymonkees tag??? I do!!! I'm trying to perfect it before I do a post on it, so maybe soon :o)

 It's been good for me to just jump into this knit thing and see that it's really not too scary! I feel way more confident and am ready to try all sorts of things with knits now!