Saturday, October 16, 2010

More For Me

I know I should be working on the boys' quilts, but I guess I get distracted easily :o) !!!!
I had a fun week sewing for only me, but then I felt kinda bad and am trying to make up for it by doing extra squares this week :o) That evens out right?
 I got this pattern from a friend's Grandma a long time ago (maybe 5 years or so) and always liked it but never really thought seriously about making it until last week.  I saw this fabric for $1.50 a yard, and for some reason immediately thought of this pattern. I figured I could make it work with 2 yards, and if it didn't turn out that great it was only $3 down the drain. So at my first available nap time I started cutting out the pieces. I thought I would just get that part out of the way that day and sew the next, but it went so fast that by the time everyone was up 2 hours later I was almost done! The next day all I had left to do was the tie, hem and the sort-of sleeve.

 I Love it!!! And really love it for $3! And I'll take many more like that :o) And, thanks so much to my friend Sarah, I have these pretty pictures to share.

 I love that the dress can be more dressed up or dressed down with different shoes, and it can fit you through many shapes and sizes, because it's made to just pull over your head, and you use the tie to make it as tight or loose in the right place for you as you want to. And that's great for me because I'm always changing between just pregnant or just had a baby, and sometimes I'm even at my normal size :o).  I was going to make the neckline a bit higher, but then that problem with most dresses (no nursing) is there again, so I thought I'd just leave it low enough to be accessible and wear a tank or something under it.  But then I saw somewhere how to make a little crocheted chain with your thread (using a regular needle, not a crochet hook) to make a button loop. It was so easy and delicate and I think just adds a little something extra.

I plan on making some variations of this into tunic-type shirts for this fall/winter, and maybe one (or two) more  next spring :o).  Things to look forward to...  So this is done and I still have 2 other pieces of fabric burning a hole in something (my sewing machine I guess) :o).  A green dress is coming next...


  1. I LOVE your dress! Is the material cotton or an apparel material? I find it's hard to find cute apparel fabric. I just made a dress for myself, too - but it's in a funny shade of pink because it was a "test run" :) Check it out if you'd like

  2. Adorable! I love the fabric you chose and the contrasting purple bands. Great idea to add a little button for "easy access". :)

  3. Very pretty! I love the fabric and it was neat to read about how it will work for you in all seasons of life. I have seen that pattern before, either I or my Mom have it in our large boxes of patterns. I have never made it however, my Mom my have way back when.

  4. I love the fabric, very fun dress! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love this very much! Well done!