Monday, February 28, 2011

First Girls Dress

This was a Christmas gift for my little niece Caitlyn.
She is so cute and tiny! I love this wrap design because it gives a little room for growing. She can wear it now with a long-sleeved shirt and tights, and there's enough room that it should last her all the way through summer.

The button was in my Grandma's stash - an extra one from a shirt I remember her wearing a good bit. It makes me feel good to be able to add things of hers back into our and other people's lives!

I knew I had to use this pattern as soon as I saw the little bloomers :o)
Way too CUTE!!!

She looks like she's ready for warm weather just like her Aunt B (me)

Caleb is 8 months younger than her, but much bigger already.
He's trying to squeeze his way into the chair with her and she's not too sure about that .

He finally decided to get down and rock her instead.

I'm so glad we have family close by!

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  1. Darling dress! Looks like it fits perfectly. :)