Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Wow, it's been a while!
 My absence for the past few months is partly due to the fact that our camera broke on Easter Sunday (no pictures and there's not much to blog about), but mostly due to the fact that I'm now 26 weeks pregnant :o). 
I generally feel pretty yucky the first half of my pregnancy or so (to put it mildly!), and care very little about anything other than sleeping and NOT eating.
Things are getting better though, and I've even started sewing some again the past few weeks :o).
I just finished two pairs of maternity jeans, and now that we have a camera again maybe I'll get some pictures posted :o).
I'll also be taking pictures of things I've made while camera-less and get some of that posted soon as well.
Here are a Lot of pictures of the boys from the last month that I couldn't resist putting in here :o).

This is pretty much how you will always find Caleb! I think he wants to make it as easy for you to get the most in his mouth at one time as possible :o).

I guess Josiah thought, it worked for Caleb, so he would give it a try.

Samuel has grown up so much the last few months! We started homeschooling this year, and he is Loving it and doing very well so far!

My parents took Samuel and Josiah to their church's harvest festival this year while I went home to go to bed :o).
They went as tough and silly cowboys.
I love Samuel's eyes here!

This was the tough.

Still a little bit tough.

 Samuel can never last as long as Josiah when it comes to staying in character.

And the silly comes out!

They had a great time! (Thanks Mom and Dad :o) )

These are from Thanksgiving day, and as you can see, Josiah had quite an attitude about having his picture taken.

 I told Tim it's bad that even with an attitude he is still so CUTE!
I made their outfits out of the same fabric, but dyed Josiah's navy and love that they're the same without being exactly the same. Caleb's pants and jacket are from a different pattern, but I didn't finish his jacket in time :o(.

This is me saying, "Can you please stop taking pictures so we can go home now!"
It was a fun but very long day for me.
You can see only about half of my big belly here :o)
 I'll get a good belly shot soon.

Caleb can fit more in his mouth than any other child I've ever known! Here he has a whole Ritz cracker in there unbroken.

Ok, so I know it's kind of gross..

 I made these outfits when it first started getting chilly in October, but I don't remember when the pictures were taken.

I know everyone always thinks their kids are cute but Really He is cute!
Samuel and Caleb are just as cute, but they won't hold still for us to get pictures like this one.

More of typical Caleb with his mouth full of food :o).

And very happy about that!

Ok, so that was a lot, but I had some cuteness-sharing to catch up on :o).

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  1. Love, love, love!! The boys are gorgeous- I saw them at church with your mom the other day and I couldn't believe how big they are. I miss you and hope you're doing well despite the pregnancy blahs. Take care!!

    Jenn :)