Saturday, December 31, 2011


I finished Caleb's stocking right before filling them on Christmas eve :o)
We were traveling last year on Christmas, so Caleb didn't have one yet.

We woke the boys up early so we could open a few things with them before going to my parents' so there was lots of crazy hair all around!

Caleb wasn't quite sure what was going on, but it all seemed like fun.

I thought their dump and shake method was pretty funny!

Everyone got much-needed new socks.

Tim thinks Caleb is thanking Jesus for his soda :o)

Caleb was the first one to get into his chocolate. Not a surprise :o)

Tim spent weeks on ebay looking for the perfect micro machines for the boys. He had so much fun finding them and the boys have had so much fun playing with them this week!

Samuel's belt broke a few weeks before, and that and socks with no holes were the things he asked for the most :o)
I'm so glad they can be so happy and thankful with little things!

Josiah was the only one that got something made by me. I wasn't planning on having any other presents for them other than the micro machines because they get so much with my family being so big. But when I found this guitar fabric I couldn't help myself! So we got Samuel a belt, so he would have something else, and I knew Caleb wouldn't know or care if he didnt have a second present, so I didn't worry about making anything for him (everyone did have homemade pj's that I made earlier this year and I made mine earlier that week :o) ).

Their aunt Laurie sent them Big, fun coloring books!

Even I got new socks :o)

Samuel didn't waste any time putting his on.

I can't believe how big this little guy has gotten! I really can't believe he turned 2 yesterday!!!

So many tiny cars are all over our house right now!

It's ok though, because it's also given many hours of quiet playing :o).

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas morning!
    Granny needs copies of a few photos.