Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maternity Jeans

I'm so happy and relieved with how these jeans turned out! So happy I have something to wear now and relieved that I didn't waste my money on this first attempt :o)
I used the only other pair of jeans that I own as a pattern just by laying them out carefully and tracing around all the pieces and then making a bit of adjustment around the belly area and waistband (they were not maternity jeans).

 I knew I wanted a really wide waistband in the back that would curve down to a more normal-looking size in the front. I put a huge piece of elastic in the back (but not pulled tight at all), to give comfort and a bit of security against having an unwanted crack moment :o)

I copied the design on the pockets from my other pair and think it looks pretty good!

So I'm about to get a little personal and then a lot personal so please forgive me in advance.
You can see better here just how high the waistband is in the back and low in the front. Even though there is only elastic in the back, I made sure I cut the fabric so the stretchiest part would be going around me, so they are really comfortable and I still have room to grow.

Now to get REALLY personal :o) It took some time to get the fit I wanted, keeping room to grow a bit more but without looking sloppy now. I'm very happy not to look like I'm wearing "mom jeans" :o)

This is me a few weeks ago at 26 weeks.
I think I've doubled in size from then to now! I'll try to get another belly shot soon.

I got the fabric at Hancock with a 40% off coupon, and by the time I got jean thread and needles they cost about $15. I just went back and got 1 more yard to make an after-baby size pair while there was a big sale, and because I already have thread and needles this next pair will only cost $7.50!!!  I used just over 1 yard for this pair, but for my regular size exactly 1 yard should be just right (that's using fabric that is 50-60 inches wide).

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  1. You are an amazing seamstress! I love the Christmas pics with the boys too! Love, AAO