Friday, June 1, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm WAY behind!
That's pretty much how I feel about everything right now. The house work, schoolwork, the amount of real meals we have each week, myself (as in brushing hair and teeth taking showers, eating and drinking water). As much as I would love to share all the things we've done and things I've made, blog posts are the last thing I'm getting to at the moment.
One thing I'm not behind on and the thing that's the most important are all the baby and boy snuggles I'm giving and receiving. So maybe I'm not so far behind - maybe I'm even ahead in the things that matter most. 
My house is not spotless or anywhere close to it, but my baby is asleep in my arms, nursing AGAIN :o)
And that makes me happy!
So on to some Easter pictures (thanks to our wonderful photographer Sarah) that I think are even later then the ones I posted last year :o)

Easter was fun! I had a crazy week before, making everyone's outfits but my own :o(. I ran out of time. But 3 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 1 vest, a bow tie, a real tie and a crocheted sweater in 1 week's time isn't too bad :o)

Once again, part way through our picture taking Josiah was needing to work on his attitude.

And thankfully once again Samuel and Caleb were cooperating.

 Samuel is so grown up!

And sometimes very serious.

My friend Jess saw this picture and said it looks like we left him on the side of the road :o)

I won't say that the thought has never crossed our mind.

This boy can get an attitude in about half a second.

And if he decides to he can change it back just as fast.
So we keep him cause he's pretty cute :o)

I can only imagine what he will look like when he's 16.

Caleb's my silly little guy.
I can't help but laugh at him all day long.

He was easily distracted by a cat in the yard :o)

What a little man he is!

And there's the cat again :o)

Aren't we cute!

It was bright and Elisabeth was sleepy, but this is the only picture I we got while she was wearing the sweater I made her.

The dress and locket were mine as a baby.
I see some resemblance in the cheeks :o)
 That is me at 2 months, I think.

So sweet!

 And thank you, Claire, for her first shoes.

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