Monday, March 19, 2012

I do sew for Tim too :o)

This is the most recent shirt I made for Tim for his Birthday in Jan.
I've been working on this pattern to get the perfect fit and style for him by using things he already has as a guide (for things like perfect sleeve length, button placement and collar size). Tim's not really picky until I start giving him options :o). That's ok though.. I don't mind accommodating :o). That's the nice part about making your own patterns and clothes. It might take a few tries, but you can get exactly what you want!

I love using stripes to make different patterns.

This tee was a Christmas present, made the same as THIS that I made last year.

I got a double-needle for the hem, but this would have only been my second time to use it and I forgot to set my machine to the double-needle setting, so it snapped on the presser foot when
I tried to put the needle down :o(
Oh well. So I did what I always do and went really slow around twice, one row right next to the other.

This was last year's Fathers day present. My first attempt at drafting a pattern for Tim.
In the end it turned out well, just took a good bit of seam ripping and re-fitting!

A slight military look to it.

Not a typical fabric pattern for Tim, but he does like to branch out now and then.
Either that or he's just being nice and wearing what I make him :o)

This shirt I made from a store-bought pattern, and after I had to change pretty much everything about it I started working on my own pattern.

So for sure Tim hasn't received as many homemade things as the boys get, but I have a few more things in the works for him.

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