Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thanks Moe!

Moe (my man mannequin) was a big help again the other day while I was making Tim a new shirt!
It's so nice to have something to drape and fit things to while Tim is at work (or sleeping late at night when most of my quantity [not so much quality] sewing is done :o)). Moe was an unexpected gift from my Aunt Sheryl. Thank You!!! She got it from a retired seamstress and passed it my way. You should have seen Tim's face, Aunt Sheryl, when I brought it home :o).  I should have taken a picture for you!

I used a shirt that fits Tim well as my pattern.

Nothing fancy, but I think it turned out just about perfect :o).

 I did one line of stitching on the sleeves, only because my bobbin ran out and I didn't feel like filling it up again.

 I did a double stitch on the hem. I don't have a twin needle, so I just do a second row of stitching VERY slowly close to the first.

Thanks again, Moe and Aunt Sheryl!!


  1. You're welcome! What a great shirt! You're an excellent seamstress. It's so nice to see grandma's talents passed on. Glad, too, that Moe is working well for you. I can imagine Tim's face, LOL. Kiss the boys for me.
    Aunt Sheryl

  2. Nice job on the shirt! I love your man mannequin! Great for mens' sewing projects!