Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Friend

As you saw in the last post, I did get around to making a dress form a few weekends ago. It was so nice to have while working on my dress! 
I told Tim that I should name her, but he thought that was weird. I still think she needs a name though. So does anyone have ideas? Maybe Molly the Mannequin.

I looked at a lot of tutorials and videos on youtube to see how to make one and  THIS and THIS were very helpful! It was a humorous process, but the end result gave me something very useful!
I did NOT take pictures of myself being wrapped up in duct tape. Sorry.
 Most tutorials I saw said to do 3 layers of duct tape. We only did 2, but I had some kind of extra heavy duty tape, so it worked well. Then I got some much thinner, regular duct tape, and added after it was on the stand to smooth out the look a little more.
You can see how thick and stiff the first kind was here.

Here I used long strips from top to bottom and just made a little snip wherever needed to go around curves. it  gave a much nicer look! As nice as you can get duct tape to look anyway :0)

This is what my sewing corner usually looks like. Mess all around, Caleb's blanket and toys on the floor right beside me, and me usually looking out the window watching Samuel and Josiah digging in their new sand box.

One day I'll have a room all to myself, full of fabric and endless things to work on. But for now this is what I've got, and it works just fine. Funny how any other mess around the house drives me completely crazy!!! But my mess...not so much :o)

P.S. Thanks mom for the lamp stand!!!


  1. I think you should name her Moneekqwah ( Mo-nee-qwah or however you want to spell it) lol. I think that name suits and gives her a nice personality ;)

  2. I have been meaning to do this. Looks great!

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