Monday, February 15, 2010

Leak-Proof Nursing Pads

My mom had a great idea, when I had my oldest son, to use plastic diaper covers in my nursing pads.
Nothing else had ever worked because I don't just leak - I spray :o) I made 8 or 10 pairs, but after 3 years of nursing my first 2 boys, I definitely needed a few new pairs for the third time around.
Thanks Mom!

Materials needed:
One large cup (or whatever size seems best - and cleanliness is optional, 
as you can see from the coffee stains :o) )
Old cloth diapers, or any soft, absorbent material
Plastic diaper cover (can substitute wool, fleece, or other water-resistant materials)
Sharpie marker

I used 8 layers total (4 on each side), of a very thin cotton diaper. 
Depending on the type of material used,
adjust the amount of layers for desired absorbency.  One layer of plastic in the middle.  
I got 5 pairs out of one 12-month size vinyl diaper cover.

I used a very large coffee mug (4 inches diameter), giving me enough room to sew and trim,
with the finished product being 3 1/2 inches, give or take.  I used a straight stitch and then
trimmed it really close.

I set my machine to the tightest zig-zag to finish the edges.

Finished product!  No more leaky shirts!

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