Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Morning With Crowns

When Samuel woke up the other morning he asked if I would make him something special. He loves to play prince and dragon, so I thought a prince should have a crown. I started by roughly measuring his head with paper.

Then I cut what I thought looked like a crown. If I make more I might do it a little different.

I cut a layer for front and back and used a thick fabric for a middle layer.

My middle layer didn't go all the way but was still enough to make the crown stand up. With right sides together and ribbon or ties in between, sew around sides and top.

Trim edges and snip corners and points.

Turn right side out and iron. I had about 1 inch extra at the bottom which helped to make it just a little thicker.

Press well and sew around all edges.

And finished!

A very happy Josiah! What more could you want but a crown, blanket, and fingers?

Now if they would only hold still I could get a good picture :o)
What a sweet moment.

And now the moment is gone :o)

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